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Anthony Danos - Bass Guitar

Jon Zanetti - Guitar

Shawn Santanello - Vocals

Matt 9 Raymond - Drums



Gaiah is a hard rock band from Springfield, MA that formed in 1999.  In support of their debut release "Through this Nightmare", Gaiah performed 300+ shows across New England, garnered radio airtime including interviews and live performances with LAZER and WAAF, and was distributed in FYE record stores across the Northeast including in-store live acoustic appearances.  The band's regional notoriety enabled them to share the stage with several national artists, including Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin, as a supporting local act. In 2004, Gaiah opened up Ozzfest 2nd stage in Hartford, CT as a result of winning an on-air competition as WCCC listener favorite. Gaiah released their latest album "Perfect Disaster" on October 30, 2015.


Musical Style and Lyrical Themes

Gaiah's sound has been described as "straight-up melodic hard rock with songs that stick in your head and make you sing for days" (Amazon review) or alternatively "clean ambient metal" (Valley Advocate - Gary Carra). The music is influenced by elements of hard rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's including riff orientated power chords, quiet verses with big choruses, soaring and embellished vocal melodies, and blues infused guitar soloing.  Lyrical themes include reflection and self-empowerment with the freedom to choose positive action in face of trials and tribulations of the human experience.



Through this Nightmare (2003)

Pushing Karma (unreleased)

Perfect Disaster (2015)

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